1. Course Objective
This two-day course presents RCI's PEAKS psychometric profile based on research in the Five Factor Model (FFM) - what it is, how it was developed, and how it can be used in practical applications with individuals, with relationships, and with teams. Participants experience a wide range of learning methods including self-assessment, small group work, case studies, exercises, role-play, video, readings and lecture. The PEAKS profiling system is viewed as the most comprehensive personality assessment system that may be used in every area of professional development and organisational functioning. RCI's PEAKS profiling instrumentations and services can be incorporated into all areas of human resource and personal development such as sales training & customer service, selection & job profiling, training needs analysis, succession planning, organisational development interventions, career counselling, leadership development, management training etc.

The objectives of the course are as follows:
  • The importance of Understanding Personality Traits
  • History and Definitions of the Five Factor Model (FFM)
  • Application of profiles in individual Coaching/Counseling; Career Development; Team Development; Recruitment and Deployment; Orientation
  • Personality-based Styles relating to Leadership, Conflict, Relational, Problem Solving, Learning, Decision-Making
  • Ethical Considerations in Using the psychometric profiles

2. Course Content
The highly participative 2-day program includes the following key topics:

  • Introduction to psychometric tools
  • Brief history of RCI's development
  • Definition of Personality
  • The Five Factor Model
  • Individual Results
  • The 25 PEAKS personality facets
  • The Work Behaviour Profile (51 work behaviours and competencies)
  • Training Activities for the Five-Factor Model
  • Relationship Development: Partnerships, Groups & Client Bonding
  • Team Development: Creative Synergy
  • Staff Deployment & Personal Development
  • Career Development Planning & Review
  • Deriving other Test Models from the Five-Factor Model
  • Interpretation of the Five-Factor Model (Leadership, Conflict Management, Problem-Solving, Learning Styles, Creativity Optimism, Training Needs, Attitudes, etc)
  • Personal and Professional Application

3. Interpretation and Consultation
RCI's consultants certified for personal workplace use of RCI's profiling tool are authorised to execute the following:

  1. Interpret the PEAKS report in coaching, counselling, work improvement and guidance in deployment and recruitment.
  2. Attend advanced courses on the Specialised Applications Programmes (SAPs)
  3. Attend public seminars/symposia
  4. Purchase all profiles and products at special rates reviewed from time to time
  5. Attend or present papers/reports/insights at the Annual Symposia and Global Leadership & Mentoring Congress
  6. Have access to updates on the instruments and related research

4. Methodology

  • Interactive Multimedia
  • Pair and Group Work
  • Simulations & Games
  • Video clips and Case studies
  • Measurement and evaluation
  • Commitment and Involvement
  • Stoppers and Reframers

5. Participants
Internal and external Human Resource Professionals, Educators, Counselors, Academics and Professionals who use personality traits vocabulary with their clients. Persons certified in this course have the privilege of administering, interpreting and applying the PEAKS profiles in their workplace. They will also be entitled to purchase exclusive materials from Research Communication International.

6. Instructor

7. Dates/Location
Location: RCI Centre: 7 Grange Road S(239694)
Date: To be advised

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